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Soulio Process invites you to take a respite from logical, analytical thinking and let your heart and intuition be your guide.

The Discover Session is where I get to learn about YOU! We'll discover where your energy lives, where are your stuck places, in your art, your vision, your creative process, and your life goals.

Once I’ve had a chance to get an overview of where I can be helpful, I will give you your personal SOULIO prompts and you will create a series of works, either in your studio (or kitchen table!) or mine. You works can be collages or a combination of paintings and collage, using whatever medium you prefer.

At the second session I will  view your work. Your work, filled with rich personal meaning, offers a visual narrative of your unique story. Your work will access your unconscious conversations, your inner wisdom and give voice to the many facets of your personality, relationships, challenges, and dreams that want to be revealed.

Personal coaching sessions offer plenty of time for you to create cards and then consult them in this second session, using among other things, a series of prompts that will allow you to step deeper into the images to learn how they relate to your inner and outer worlds.

This process is easily learned, requires no artistic background and is accessible to everyone!

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