What a fantastic day!! Thank you so much for guiding us in this voyage of the soul. I am in awe at your talent, kindness, and depth. A few hours doing collage with you in your enchanted house did more for me than years of therapy. Forget meditation!! SoulCollage is way more effective. 


Author, The House of the Spirits

"My name is Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdomoftheworld.com. I’m a composer, a healer, a performer, a speaker around the power of music to heal, transform and deepen us and I had the great good fortune to be a participant in Jennie Oppenheimer’s Soulio Process work that included SoulCollage® and I cannot say more emphatically how powerful the work is that Jennie does.  We are bombarded by so much stimuli these days, that anything that can take us into a deeper understand of ourselves and one another, creates the kind of velcro of deeper connection that allows us to drop into meaning, and meaning is what we’re all hungry for.  And when Jennie creates a process that has music infusing you in a place of deep inquiry and deep around the things that are hiding under our consciousness that are subliminally tugging at us, sometimes we need a deep, almost a soul process of divining what’s really going on in the rivers underneath us that will reveal what our book is really about, what our relationships are really about, what it is that we’re really going to do for our 3rd chapter in our life, what is its that our organization is going to do in order to connect to the next level of what we can do to really give great service or create great profits.. so that stuff comes from the deeper realms and if you want to find a foolproof way to have the soul of a company or an individual or relationship reveal itself to you, I highly recommend that you find our more from Jennie Openheimer and the Soulio process. You will be so grateful that you did. 

 - Gary Malkin - see video testimonial

"Thank you for bringing your fabulous SoulCollage experience to my retreat women. They (and I) loved it! I appreciate the great care you took to make sure it was a wonderful experience along with your compassionate heart and deep spirit you bring wherever you go. Thank you again. Fabulous." 
- Marci Shimoff, bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
"I enjoyed everything about this process. Your wisdom, the poetry, the way you build community, the permission you give to not be perfect nor analyzing but rather staying in the instinctual, visual realm. The care you took to make the mandala of photos and let us off the hook from any shoulds, have-to's, or responsability of any kind. The freedom you created so we could just jump head first into our hearts. There isn't a single thing I would change. The environment, the safe, open, creative space you created, the way you included everyone and every idea. You are beyond a gifted teacher -  you are a sage. Wise, compassionate and non-judgmental."
- Lori Barra, Isabel Allende Foundation 
"…The discovery of [our] personal differences and similarities as expressed in the collage building and sharing, laid the ground work for the work we did later in the afternoon as we brainstormed about our individual concerns and group goals for our program in the year to come. In that sense, Jennie’s work with us truly was facilitating to our growth as a medical service provider center. I believe we and our patients will benefit." 
-Linda Gaudiani, MD, Medical Director, Braden Center for Diabetes

"Jennie came to teach a 3-hour SOULIO workshop to my ILP students at the Esalen Institute. It was a great experience and privilege for us all to work with Jennie. She was well prepared showing up hours early with hundreds of images which, to everyones delight, she arranged in a huge mandala on the floor. She brought everything we needed and gave a wonderful introductory talk that masterfully put everyone at ease and opened us to the enormous possibilities of this profound activity. Jennie is an artist in her own right, a skilled facilitator and a soulful seeker and she brings all of her many skills and whole self to her teaching. From technical help to gentle encouragement to go deeper she led each student to embrace the activity and at the end many were shocked at the power or what emerged. After the tears and laughter everyone walked away with the gift of greater self knowledge, useful reflections on future directions and a beautiful work of art. Most of my students agreed it was one of the very best experiences they had over the course of their 28 day program."


-Adam Wolpert, artist and Leadership facilitator, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center and Esalen Institute

"Thanks again for leading our creative collage exploration yesterday. You are a wonderful guide - calm, articulate, giving information as it can be absorbed. The soulful stretching was carefully held and respected, and offered much to inform the journey."
- Aletha Soule
"Jennie is a fantastic teacher and is very gentle in her invitation for us to create. She said that she's never met a SoulCollage card she didn't love. And I could tell she meant it."
- Michael Ellis, founder Footloose Forays Global Expeditions, Perspectives for NPR
“Working to create collages with Jennie boosted my own ability to heal and feel strong, several months after completing a year of cancer treatments. My collages tapped a deep resource for me, accessing and activating my deeper reservoir of strength and optimism. I am grateful for Jennie’s coaching and I am convinced this empowering soulful work has released a long-lasting, transformative source of healing."

- A.F., Cancer Survivor, Rancho La Puerta Workshop Participant
"You made the weekend so special. I appreciate the effort it took to create a setting in which we could all have fun and be "creative." In particular, I loved just being immersed in the experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Gretchen H. 

"I LOVED this class! Your fearless demonstrations were very liberating and I really feel that I came away with not only skills but an attitude of permission to try anything."


–Cathy C.



"Your class rejuvenated my art. I wake up dreaming about colors, textures and shapes I want to experiment with in my paintings. Thanks for your inspiration!"


–Anne H. 



"You really combined technical rigor and play with hands-on instruction and time for personal exploration and created a palette that was inspirational, cozy, filled with color, experimentation and fun, fun, fun!"

 - Gwen H. 


"I truly enjoyed immersing myself in this creative process. You have a special way about you that is so approachable, non-judgmental, encouraging and open. Personally I can feel intimidated expressing myself creatively and you made the environment warm and inviting."

 - Lisa P.