This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into a hands-on, imaginative world of making things. Creativity and art process offer a window into new ways of seeing ourselves. They invite us to experiment and discover our unique expression, immersing us in vibrant color, texture, and imagery of our own design. Mistakes are impossible as we learn to build up surfaces and use the history of our marks to create rich layered pieces in a playful, non-judgmental setting. No previous art experience is necessary. Classes and workshops are open to complete beginners and continuing artists of all levels. 

"If you want a day, a moment in time to escape the hectic-ness of everyday life and drop deeply into your heart, your instincts, your authentic core and play til your heart's content, then SOULIO is your class."

- L. Barra, Isabel Allende Foundation



February 28, 2020
SoulCollage®, Laguna Beach, CA  

April 3-5, 2020
SOULIO and the Art of Intuition, Sausalito, CA
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June 12-14, 2020
SoulCollage® and the Art of Intuition, Esalen, CA
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APRIL 3-5, 2020





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What deeper story is emerging within you, wanting to find expression? SOULIO is a creative, intuitive collage process, a powerful way to embark on this soulful exploration. Through creative inquiry and collage we will journey into the heart of our gifts, passions and purpose to discover what truly brings us alive. We will create cards by gathering images that speak to us. Some we select recognizing immediately how they relate to our lives, while others we have no idea why we chose them- or why they seemed to choose us. Filled with deep personal meaning, our cards offer a visual narrative of our own unique life story. In a supportive, playful and collaborative environment, we’ll step deeper into our cards to see how they relate to our inner and outer worlds. This non-residential workshop will begin the evening of Friday, April 3, and go for two full days, Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5. Open to all, no art experience is necessary. 
Enrollment is limited!
Fee is $497 general and $450 for Academy members.

JUNE 12-14, 2020




Spend a 3 days doing SoulCollage® and immersing in the nourishing and stunning surrounds of the Big Sur Coast.​ Esalen is a world-class retreat center, nestled amidst lush gardens, perched above the sea. Here, you will be restored by the slow pace and sultry beauty of this transformational center. Our workspace is the charming art barn. Get ready for renewed creative expression and senses awakened! Contact Esalen to reserve your spot, and choose available accommodation options.

SoulCollage® and the Art of Intuition
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"I LOVED this class! Your fearless demonstrations were very liberating and I really feel that I came away with not only skills but an attitude of permission to try anything."

- Cathy C. 


How do we ignite the imagination of our colleagues?  What if you could increase your team’s capacity for developing breakthrough ideas and strategies? SOULIO will empower your organization to create innovative and responsive strategic solutions.


Analytical, logical minds are vital in the workplace. For originality and creativity to emerge, we need a deliberate integration of left and right brain thinking.  Leveraging team collaboration, intentionality, and an actual process of art-making, SOULIO PROCESS jumpstarts and strengthens the skills necessary to access highly creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It helps increase your team’s capacity for developing breakthrough ideas and strategies. Organizations that truly thrive and lead share one vital attribute: creativity. This can be learned and then nurtured within your business culture. SOULIO PROCESS is dynamic, playful and purposeful. Our highly engaging, hands-on workshops strengthen and enhance the creativity of those who search every day for new solutions to the toughest challenges. 


SOULIO PROCESS is designed for business and organizational development. It enhances team collaboration by utilizing a unique synthesis of founder Jennie Oppenheimer's experience in transformational arts, communication, and psychology. Used in conjunction with SoulCollage®, the method offers a means of exploring common but often overlooked goals, intentions, and purpose. SOULIO PROCESS helps illuminate strengths and clarify and solve problems by engaging colleagues in creative expression through collage.

This process is easily learned, requires no artistic background and is accessible to everyone. 

Discussions  are an integral part of the collage activity and help illuminate challenges, strengths and solutions. 

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"Creativity is a function of leadership. It requires navigating uncharted territory and having the courage to bring your vision into fruition." 

- Linda Naiman,
Founder of  
Creativity at Work 



Classes and retreats can be custom designed with your group's interests in mind. From 3 hours to a weekend or longer. Contact me to discuss your ideas!