How do we ignite the imagination of our colleagues?  What if you could increase your team’s capacity for developing breakthrough ideas and strategies? SOULIO will empower your organization to create innovative and responsive strategic solutions.


Analytical, logical minds are vital in the workplace. For originality and creativity to emerge, we need a deliberate integration of left and right brain thinking.  Leveraging team collaboration, intentionality and an actual process of art-making, SOULIO PROCESS and  SOULIO PROJECTS  jumpstart and strengthen the skills necessary to access highly creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Organizations that truly thrive and lead in their respective sectors share one vital attribute: creativity. This can be learned and then nurtured within your business culture. SOULIO PROCESS is dynamic, playful and purposeful. Our highly engaging, hands-on workshops strengthen and enhance the creativity of those who search every day for new solutions to the toughest challenges. 

There are two pathways: SOULIO PROCESS and SOULIO PROJECTS.

"Creativity is a function of leadership. It requires navigating uncharted territory and having the courage to bring your vision into fruition." 

- Linda Naiman, Founder of Creativity at Work




- Developing annual goals  

- Creating a shared vision 

- Enhancing a new project 

 - Re-framing a problem

- Crafting a vital strategy 

- Building trust within a team 

- No art experience necessary

- All materials included

SOULIO PROCESS is designed for business and organizational development. It enhances team collaboration by utilizing a unique synthesis of founder Jennie Oppenheimer's experience in transformational arts, communication, and psychology. Used in conjunction with SoulCollage®, the method offers a means of exploring common but often overlooked goals, intentions, and purpose. SOULIO PROCESS helps illuminate strengths and clarify and solve problems by engaging colleagues in creative expression through collage. This process is easily learned, requires no artistic background and is accessible to everyone. 

Our cards, filled with deep personal meaning, offer a visual narrative of our unique story. They access our inner wisdom and give voice to the many facets of our personality, relationships, visions, and challenges that want to be revealed. Sessions offer plenty of time to create cards and then consult them, using a series of prompts that allow us to step deeper into the images and learn how they relate to our inner and outer worlds. Prompts can be designed to directly support the development of goals and enhance team communication. 


SoulCollage® is a creative, intuitive collage process full of imagination and soulful inquiry. Developed by psychologist Seena Frost, SoulCollage is based on the work of Carl Jung, James Hillman and others. Guided by our intuition, we create cards gathering and collaging images that speak to us. Some images we select immediately, knowing how they relate to our lives and work, while others we have no idea why we chose them, or why they seemed to choose us. Discussions  are are an integral part of the collage activity and help illuminate challenges, strenghts and solutions. 


SoulCollage® is accessible to everyone. No art experience is necessary.

All materials provided.




- Foster a culture of creativity and improvisation 

- Increase empathy and shared vision 

 -Create beautiful artifacts to keep

- Strengthen creative muscle for innovation

- Build trust within teams through creative play

SOULIO PROJECTS emphasize actual hands-on art making. They require no prior artistic background. Projects allow individuals and teams to further develop their creative thinking, collaboration, and individuality. Collaborative group collage and painting projects can also be designed. All materials are included. 

Handmade or altered books that invite the use of text and images to convey creative personal visions, affirmationsand brainstorming ideas. 
Appreciation trading cards are a creative and playful team building activity. Paintings are started and passed from one participant to another. With music playing, each person adds their own expressive marks before passing it on. The resulting collaborative artworks are then cut up and personalized as each member writes appreciation for the others and the cards are exchanged. 
Mixed-media paintings on wood panels, includes a demonstration for using a variety of tools and mediums including collage, rubber stamps, text, images and paint. This one is messy!
Cigar boxes offer a wonderful surface and structure for embellishing with collage and paint and hold our keepsakes and treasures.  
Decorative three-dimensional headpiece that captures our imagination, created using collage, small treasures, ephemera, and glue guns. 
Stunning small art pieces, done on either paper or in three-dimensional box constructions, made by layering collage and treasures and embedding them in glass with copper-foil soldering. This process requires no prior experience - we will give you a quick lesson or finesse it for you!